2-Way 3-Valve, threaded connection to transmitter, pouch type (Ref. MC2-25)

Linea Family
Manifolds MC Series: Manifold max pressure 420 bar (6000) psi
Food, Power, Gas & Bellows; Cryogenic, Nuclear, Oil & Bellows; Gas, Chemical, Water Treatment


Mecesa has valves made from high technology plastic materials.
This family of the range includes 2, 3 and 4-way ball valves, manual metering valves, regulating valves and metering taps.

Direct coupled manifold to transmitter with H.1/2 “NPT inlets on the manifold body.
(Standard Model: MC2-25V) – one bleed orifice connected to the two outlets.

Attaches to transmitter with four 7/16 “UNF screws (L=41.3) and two PTFE or Graphite gaskets.
7/16 “UNF screw: Ref. 5CV-33380.004A for AC Manifold. STAINLESS STEEL, and Ref. 5CV-33880.054B for AC Manifold. CARBON MANIFOLD
Gasket: Ref. 5CV-32055.301B for Manifold with PTFE packing, and Ref. 5CV-32055.029A for Manifold with GRAPHITE packing.
Screws and gaskets supplied together with the manifold.
Coupling dimensions (DIN 19213)
Seal dimensions (MSS SP-99)

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