Linea Family
Instrumentation valves Retention Valves
Food, Power, Gas & Bellows; Cryogenic, Nuclear, Oil & Bellows; Gas, Chemical, Water Treatment

We adapt to the customer with both horizontal and vertical check valves, standard, with a pressure rating between 360 PSI (25 BAR) and 6170 PSI (432 BAR), and maximum temperature up to 662ºF.

We also have adjustable check valves, which can also be found in the SAFETY DEVICES range and in the SAFETY VALVES family.

Apart from these, we strive to solve any need, proposal or design change said by customer, having a large number of special check valves.

Generally, manufactured in STAINLESS STEEL and CARBON STEEL.
For other materials, please consult the CATALOGUE of “SPECIAL MATERIALS”.

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