Linea Family
Fittings and Piping Siphons
Food, Power, Gas & Bellows; Cryogenic, Nuclear, Oil & Bellows; Gas, Chemical, Water Treatment


We manufacture pots, condensers and manifolds of all types, of different diameters or inches, different Sch.., wide variability and range in connections (nipples, swaged nipples, half sleeves, etc.); for different pressures and service temperatures, for different working fluids and type of service; with different materials: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloyed Steels such as P22 and P91 for more severe conditions where the pressure resistance of the material is more important; with special surface treatments, according to their working temperature; applied to the new pressure equipment regulations with its article 4. 3. for standards; also being able to design for all categories: I, II, III, IV.

According to the connections:
– Pots / Condensers
– Manifolds

According to order:
– Standard
– Socket/Sample

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